Jurkijevic Bladesmiths make as many individual items as there are individuals

Custom Knife Enquiries

We have many repeat customers. If you would like a knife made specifically to your requirements, please contact us. We pride ourselves on the level of professional advice we offer to our clients on the design of each item in conjunction with specific individual requirements and material availability and fit for purpose. Here are some common questions we will ask when we first contact you, so think about the knife and the finishes you want:

  • What is your hand size – measurement from wrist to tip of pointer & tip of little finger to the tip of the thumb?
  • What product would you like made?
  • To what purpose will you be using the item?
  • What size blade & overall lengths do you prefer?
  • What style blade do you prefer?
  • What metal finish do you prefer?
  • Would you like to include any specific metal finishes like folded or platted Damascus, sandwich material, forge fused or straight forged?
  • Do you have any overall colour preference?
  • How would you like the handle to look and feel?
  • Any specific materials you would like the handle to include? (wood species, bone, antler or gem stones)
  • What material do you prefer the scabbard to be made with? (leather, metal, wood or all mentioned)
  • Would you like any sharpening accessories to be included? (striker of steel)
  • Would you like any further personalization, like letter etching?

A Work of Art in the Making

A gift that will last a lifetime, to be handed down through the generations.

Talk to us if you’re looking for a special gift for a special person in your life.