Knife Services

We don’t just make knives

Jurkijevic Bladesmiths offer much in the way of other services to our clients.

We pride ourselves in the level of professional advice we offer to our clients in the care and safe keeping of their items as well as our second to none back-up guarantee of our work.

  • Custom design of required knives, sword, axes, spears & broad heads.
  • Upgrades of items by other manufacturers.
  • Restoration of antique and pre-loved weapons – including antique firearms & services weapons.
  • Repairs and parts manufacture for bladed tools and weapons.
  • Manufacture of specialised tools for unique industries – such as wood carving chisels, pliers, butterfly drills, hammers and angled axes, scrapers, checkering tools, earls, rakes and various other.
  • Sharpening, re-shaping and tempering of bladed tools and weapons.
  • Traditional hot oil/wax rust proofing, acid etching and blueing of blades and  components
  • Manufacture of custom knife & sword scabbards, axe holsters, leather grips, gauntlets and other leather accessories required.
  • Re – stitching, re-staining and restoration of leather accessories.
  • Manufacture of stands and displays.
  • Personalisation of items through letter etching, precious metal inlays and other methods.

Jurkijevic Bladesmiths are true artisans in the art of blade and weapon making. We combine age-old tradition in workmanship and modern techniques to restore and perfect blades, tools and weapons from every culture and continent.

Because of our extensive experience, un-compromising attitude to perfection and knowledge, we are able to dismantle and restore a vast range of antique and modern items ranging from rapiers and other swords, ceremonial knives, military blades, antique items such as axes, spears, sabres and pocket knives.

We are able to remake needed or broken parts (screws, catches, springs and other) reconstruct handles and scabbards, retemper and sharpen blades and fit everything as was intended.

With only the finest and all natural recourses and the skills  in working with alloy steels, brass, silver, gold, wood and various leathers, Jurkijevic Bladesmiths are able to replicate and in cases improve pre-loved and valuable antiques, tools and weapons.

As there are many materials, styles and manufacturers, there are techniques in order to bring a blunt blade to a sharp edge.

Jurkijevic Bladesmiths, due to vast knowledge of older and more current materials, understand how each type of blade needs to be treated in order to create a working blade.

  • Tooling knives & chisels & axes
  • Chef’s knives
  • Kitchen and other household knives
  • Horticultural and farm tool knives
  • Scissors and cut throat razors
  • Butcher’s tools – Cleavers, slicing, boning, filleting and skinning knives
  • Hunting, fishing and pocket knives